The 60 year old shame of Home Office treatment of sexually and physically abused child migrants

My Uncle was sent to Australia at the age of 14, my father would often mention it and he made the observation that his Brother was sent to Australia just like the earlier settlers as the family had committed a crime in the eyes of the state and that was been poor. H never met his brother or spoke to him again. My uncle died in Malaya fighting for a country that had sent him abroad because his family had committed a crime of being poor. That to me speaks volumes about this country.

David Hencke

8058822-3x2-940x627 The list of homes the Home Office is said to have known abused children; Photo credit: ABC News


Next month the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse will hold a hearing into how British children were shipped abroad to  Australia, Canada and Southern Rhodesia ( now Zimbabwe) where they were subject to appalling physical and sexual abuse.

One of the people who has submitted evidence to the British inquiry has already raised issues about his treatment at one of these homes, Fairbridge Farm School,New South Wales in Australia.

David Hill  was interviewed by  the Guardian last year in Australia and tells a horrific story of a place where people were poorly educated and fed,brutally treated and some sexually abused. He went out with his brother in 1959 from Eastbourne in Sussex.

He has been one of the people who eventually prospered becoming chairman and managing…

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