Child Rape Cover up by Warwickshire Police

More recently Lord Goldsmith and the then DPP Keir Starmer looked into one of these cases and showed that evidence which would most likely have sent 2 members of that gang to prison never reached the CPS. Keir Starmer was somewhat snooty about the missing evidence. He told Lord Goldsmith it wasn’t the CPS’s job to investigate missing evidence, it was up to Warwickshire police to formally hand the CPS any missing evidence. Over 4 years have passed since proof of police and officials being involved in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by withholding evidence.
Does the above illustrate what the elite think of ordinary people and one man became a Labour MP, a party claiming to act in the interest of working people. What was the saying “By their Deeds ye shall know them”

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This case appears to be one where corrupt Police are in league with drug smuggling criminals. Due to this the Police do not investigate crime including child rape or witness intimidation.

This gives an insight into how police corruption works;  how the Police shut down complaints;how a complainant has the The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (run by the Met Police) arrest them and hold them without trial and without access to a solicitor for long periods, to shut them up. [3]

If we allow the rape of children and let the Police who should investigate it, but instead the child rape was covered in favour of drug smugglers and pushers, what sort of country do we live in?

The following post is from the Campaign 4 Real Justice [1]  but also check out Justice 4 Caroline [2] and David Sampson website [3] and for further newspaper coverage Google search…

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