The Christian Brothers should be banned and their property impounded.

Is it not time the people running this Church be held to account, do not tell me they did not know. Similar to the Anglican Church the Roman Catholic Church knew about it and did nothing. Only when those who turned a blind eye and where in a position to do something face the Courts this abuse will continue.

Malachi O'Doherty

No one took responsibility for the rape and brutalisation of children by religious orders when it was happening but there are more ways to respond now than simply by being appalled and swearing it will never happen again.
For a start, the orders which were responsible should be disbanded. This will only have token value, since there are few people left in them here and they have no responsibility for children any more. But if they stood down themselves it would be a singular admission of disgrace, and that is what is required of them.
Further, the state should impound their property and reverse legal sweetheart deals to limit the amount of compensation they would have to pay.
Those who continue to celebrate the contribution of these orders should examine their consciences carefully.
Currently there are Christian Brother trusts running schools on both sides of the border, preserving, as they…

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