How Romania’s inhumane prison system led to the tragic death of a campaigning newspaper owner

This article proves that Eastern Europe as some way to go before they can beclassifiedas democracies that uphold the rule of law.

David Hencke

foto-dan-adamescu-bw-1 Dan Adamescu who dies this week after falling seriously ill in an inhumane Romanian prison system.


Earlier this month this blog covered the plight of Alexander Adamescu, the joint owner of Romania’s oldest newspaper, who is facing extradition from the UK on what are seen as trumped up charges of bribery using the European Arrest Warrant.

His father, Dan, who was the co-owner of Romania Libera, Romania’s oldest newspaper was in prison serving a four year sentence on similar charges and his family were planning to fight the state over the way they are trying to close down his companies.

Now tragically his father has died – after a short period in hospital – one of a large number of people who die every year because of the notorious nature of the Romanian prison regime.

His son Alexander states :“On January 24, right after midnight, Dan…

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