Why is latest Met Police Corruption Scandal dragging on?

Often the media focus on the corruption of third world police forces, its time they saved on travel expenses and looked closer to home for corruption.
Suspicion is that the guilty are high up in the Westminster Police Licensing Unit, the process will be delayed, evidence lost, witnesses unavailable and the relatively low pecking order people like Partridge will be left to take the blame, if any blame is laid.

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This post contains two articles from the Times on the corruption scandal in Soho, Westminster, Camden and Croydon.

  • 2016 Feb 27 The Times [1]Police arrested over Soho scandal
  • 2017 Feb 3 The Times [3] ‘Sheriff of Soho took gifts from security boss’

This Police Corruption in Soho scandal appears to have been publically exposed by Heidi Blake of Buzzfeed, in Sept 2015 [2]

They announced the arrests of

  • Sergeant Frank Partridge, Scotland Yards Westminster Licensing Unit
  • Constable Jim Sollars, Scotland Yards Westminster Licensing Unit
  • Douglas Thompson,  former Westminster police officer, Head of Operations of TSS Security
  • Terry Neil, Managing Director of TSS Security
  • Hassan Serdoud, owner of Profile Protection

Partridge and Sollars were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office. They were believed to have formed improper relationships with Security Firms TSS and Profile Protection. Nightclubs are believed to have felt pressured to have them…

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