Has Theresa May got it wrong over the Brexit negotiation plan?

The problem really lies in that integration reached a level with the EU that it be easier for California cede from the United States than the UK from the EU. The reality is that our politicians have not been truthful about the level of integration already in place. Secondly, Global Capitalism does not recognise borders and the movement of manufacturing from the UK to EU will be eagerly awaited by many member states of the EU.
Do we have a model for economic disintegration after the collapse of a trading bloc. In fact we do have a model, the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Contrary to popular belief the Empire was not as economically backward as some textbooks tell us. In fact The GNP per capita grew roughly 1.76% per year from 1870–1913. That level of growth compared very favorably to that of other European nations such as Britain (1%). The Empire built up the fourth-largest machine building industry of the world. Austria-Hungary was also the world’s third largest manufacturer and exporter of electric home appliances, electric industrial appliances and facilities for power plants, after the United States and the German Empire.
After the collapse of this Empire/trading area it disintegrated, as the victorious powers drew lines on a map , these territorial lines split up the manufacturing process, and of course new currencies lead to further instabilities. So within a matter of a few years, economic disintegration had taking place. Maybe voter in the United Kingdom should have been told the history of the collapse of this central economic bloc and maybe learn this lesson from history.

David Hencke

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Theresa May Theresa May, Prime Minister Pic Credit: conservatives.com


Theresa May is about to trigger Article 50 and go into negotiations with the other 27 European Union countries to sort out arrangements covering British trade with this huge market. It is a complete mystery how Britain is going to play its cards and Theresa May doesn’t want to give anything away.

However  a fascinating  post  from Stewart Wood, a former adviser to  Labour PM, Gordon Brown and  later to  Ed Miliband, suggests that she does have a strategy but it may be the wrong one.

Drawing from his experience in Whitehall  he suggests that Theresa May plans to draw from her experience as home secretary where she successfully negotiated an opt out on police and criminal justice matters – choosing to opt back in to measures she accepted.

She plans to use…

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