Should this powerful man both bankroll press standards and an editor that brought them into disrepute?

Well done David, once again you shine a light into the dark recesses of the British Establishment and the men who really run the UK.

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Murdoch MacLennan Pic credit UK Press gazette Murdoch MacLennan: just given former jailed News of the World editor Andy Coulson a £200,000 plus contract as pr man for the Telegraph group. Pic credit: Press Gazette


This is Murdoch MacLennan, chief executive of the Telegraph Group, board member of the body that bankrolls the Independent Press Standards Organisation, and friend of Andy Coulson the former jailed editor of the News of the World, and former David Cameron Downing Street press spokesman.

As Roy Greenslade revealed in The Guardian  he has just given a lucrative contract to Andy Coulson to handle  public relations for the Telegraph Group.

Tim Fenton in his Zelo Streetblog describes the whole sorry saga of Andy Coulson and how Murdoch MacLennan stood by the beleaguered  former News of the World editor by providing him with a character reference in court before he was sent down.

However his take up of a…

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Pine End School, Reigate

Lambeth and Child Abuse seem to be words that link together like Spring and Summer. The one question that needs answering is What do Lambeth Councillors and the police know about this. Or did as I suspect the three wise monkey’s run the council,.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I have received information that there was sexual abuse at Pine End School, Colley Lane, Reigate, a special school for ‘maladjusted’ children in care run by the old “Inner London Education Authority” ( ILEA). Lambeth Social Services sent people there.

One head teacher was Mr Gwillam Slimm, who was investigated for sexual misconduct, sometime in the 1980s I think. He was suspended for 2 years while there was an investigation but was later reinstated.

Mr Slimm came to the school with his wife Julie who had actually been a pupil of his at a former school.  He also brought a male member of staff with him from his previous school.  It is believed that there is a  teacher with the same name in at least two other special schools in the north of England where he has been the head teacher.

There seems no information regarding the investigation into Gwillam…

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Journalists v Journalists: Daily Mail suing Byline

If you can remember the Daily Mail, known in some circles as the Daily Hate campaigned for Press Freedom. So oddly they are bringing the force of Law against a Newspaper most people have never heard off, I suspect they will do shortly!

Westminster Confidential

daily-mail-enemies-of-the-people Is the Daily Mail the enemy of  new kids on the block?


Imagine a world where every week different newspapers – who disliked each other – decided to sue  every time they felt they had been wronged.

Given the nature of the defamation laws, the law courts would be stuffed with cases and the legal profession would make a mint.

That’s why it is extremely rare – if not unprecedented – to see a ” dog eat dog ” mentality among different sections of the media. And that is why I am extremely puzzled that Paul Dacre has decided to use his mighty power and resources to try and crush a new kid on the block, Byline. com.

I have not examined in any detail the issues between them so I am not going to comment on the merits of the respective cases in advance of…

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Why does this man keep secret the pay and perks for people running David Cameron’s taxpayer funded National Citizen Service scheme?

I spent three years of my life at a leading university and the main insight it give me was the UK was a pseudo democracy run not by Plato’s Guardian;s but a public school elite who looked down on the rest of us including the Middle Classes. According to them the only form of good government was that of Elites (public school) and not just that they should run the country, but also be well paid for doing so. The interconnections made the Mafia look amateurish. The well heeled and well connected run this country and believe the public purse is theirs by right to spend and if enriching their friends along the way, so be it.

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micheal lynas Michael Lynas Chief Executive of the National Citizen’s Trust. Pic credit: Twitter


This is Michael Lynas. So far he has spent £475m of taxpayer’s money as chief executive of the National Citizens Trust – a legacy project of David Cameron’s government aimed at providing community projects to aid character building  for 15 to 17 year olds across the nation.

His Linked In profile reveals that his sole qualifications  to do the job are a four year spell as a consultant for Bain and Company and just under three years in Downing Street as a policy adviser to David Cameron and Nick Clegg. He is obviously conventionally bright having studied at  Harvard and Cambridge.

Recently he appeared before MPs on the Commons Public Accounts Committee following a highly critical reportfrom the National Audit Office questioning whether  National Citizen Service was value for money. The NAO pointed…

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Thames Water: Unfit to protect our environment

Westminster Confidential

Sewage around Marlow pc credit Environment Agency Raw Sewage and foam around sailing boats on the Thames. pic credit: Environment Agency


The record £20m fine for  Thames Water’s multiple pollution of the River Thames and its tributaries  with over 1.4 billion tonnes of untreated sewage shows  how badly the company was managed.

It makes the incident where the company polluted the Wendover Arm of the Grand Union Canal seem small fry compared to the damage the company caused to humans, livestock. wildife and fish across Hertfordshire,Buckinghamshire, Berkshire  and Oxfordshire.

Thames Water admitted 13 breaches of environmental laws over discharges from sewage treatment works in Aylesbury, Didcot, Henley and Little Marlow, and a pumping station at Littlemore.

It also pleaded guilty to a further charge on March 17 over a lesser discharge from an unmanned sewage treatment plant at Arborfield in Berkshire in September 2013.

The court at Aylesbury also took into account seven…

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George Webb Summary of Video Links and Notes c.18 March 2017 / Day 134

cathy fox blog on child abuse

George Webb is one of the most significant figures today in child sex abuse research and publication.

He puts the child sexual abuse into context and shows why and how it is happening.

Child sexual abuse is just one of the components in a scheme of horrific crimes perpetrated by the criminal cabal who are in power. These crimes include human trafficking, sex trafficking, rape, causing unrest and war, weapons sales, organ harvesting, drug running, oil sales, money laundering and spying.

Child sexual abuse is one means of blackmailing whoever the criminal cabal want, to do whatever they want. The children are used as objects to achieve an end.

A good place to start as a beginner is this video from a month ago, which  gives a good summary.

[unsure why this videos links are not embedding, as they are on draft]

You Tube George Webb Day 125…

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Richard Hook v The Clerk of Lancashire Police Committee 19 Mar 1980 Supreme Court (Police)

Cyril Smith cover up went up to the top? Of course it did, and a lot of people knew about it. The Young Liberals tried to stop Smith becoming a MP. There was even a report in a paper many years ago on how Smith dealt with delinquent boys , although no trace of it now. Question is of course was itthe police closing it down or M15 orpure political pressure.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

1976 Chief Constable of Lancashire “goings on”. It is not clear what these were.

A sergeant reported them to HMIC who asked the Police Authority to carry out an investigation, whose report was the Osmond Report.

The report disclosed a disgraceful set of affairs not only with the Chief Constable but also others. The Chief Constable was dismissed but the report was kept secret.

parr-lancashire                                                            Disgraced Stanley Parr

A new person on the Police Authority felt he had the need to see it to do his job and he was refused so this court case started. He was refused by this as well.

I publish this, as it is good to shine light on corruption in public officials, but also because Cyril Smith was MP at this time in Rochdale, Lancashire and abusing children and was not investigated properly.

Detective Sergeant Harry  Roby was the hero  who reported the “goings…

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Fenwick, Chamberlain, O’Hanlon, Jones and Fisher 8 Mar 1978 Court of Appeal (Police)

cathy fox blog on child abuse

The Kelland Inquiry was the third Inquiry by Police into police corruption in the seventies, see Cathy Fox Blog The Fall of Scotland Yard [4] and Spectator Police and the pornographers [3]

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Gilbert Kelland’s Inquiry into corruption of over a dozen Soho and Mayfair detectives led to three trials, and the dismissal of Commander Wallace Virgo, sidekick Moody and ex Commander Kenneth Drury the most senior Scotland Yard men then brought before the courts as well as several others and the discreet dismissal of 20 other detectives.

This is an appeal by George Edward Fenwick, Michael Leonard Chamberlain, Charles Edward O’Hanlon, David Cyril Jones and Peter John Fisher who were tried in Nov and Dec 1976.

Fenwick, Chamberlain and O’Hanlon sought leave to appeal against both conviction and sentence. Jones and Fisher applied for leave to appeal against sentence.

Porn sellers were concerned were Bernie Silver, James…

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Why millions of passengers will face years of overcrowded trains because of a staggering electrification blunder

The whole transport system is breaking down. I travel from the village in which I live to a city ten miles away by bus or & train. The average time is 80 minutes. There is supposed to be an integrated transport system, which is badly planned. In fact, I wrote to the manager asking if he would re-alter the route slightly to avoid a busy bypass. Surprisingly I received a letter back weeks later saying this was under review. Two months later the bus was re-directed from the bypass. The East Coast rail line was taking back into public ownership as the company that had the franchise said it was unprofitable. When in public ownership it made a profit , and was then again sacrificed on the altar of Economic Liberalism whose creed is Private Good and State Owned Bad. The tram/railway was in the hands of a German company and breakdowns and delays was a regular occurrence, particularly near the end of the contract and it became obvious that the company was not even maintaining the rolling stock. Long queues would form for replacement bus services, which could not be found. People then had to rely on the existing bus network and being in a queue for 90mins was not uncommon.
Yes, UK’s transport system based on profit, does not in anyway profit the public who it was meant to serve, but the shareholders of these companies are certainly profiting.

Westminster Confidential

electrification-work-on-line Electrification work Pic Credit:South West Business

overcrowded train Today’s Vision of future travel: Overcrowded train Pic credit:BBC


If you want to know what is wrong with the present state of  Britain’s railways look no further than a recent National Audit Office report into the mess that is the Great Western electrification scheme. I have written about this in Tribune

As reported at the time the cost overrun and delay totalled a mouthwatering £1.2 billion on a £2.8 billion scheme and led to the scheme being curtailed with delays to the Cardiff to Swansea electrification for up to five years and  similar delays for the electrification of branch services in the Thames Valley.

But the damage  goes much further than just the Great Western Mainline to Cardiff and Bristol electrification scheme, bad though that is, the National Audit Office reveals. It will affect train capacity hundreds of miles away

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Observer 1994 Nov 13 Knives Out for Portillo Protege (Peter Wanless)

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I was not aware of this connection between Portillo and Wanless when Peter Wanless, Chief Executive of NSPCC, was asked to carry out the review into the handling of historic child abuse allegations, so I post it for others information.


portillo2portillo31994 Nov 13 Observer Knives Out for Portillo Protege via Scribd JustitiaEtLux [1]

There is also much else of interest on their site Scribd JustitiaEtLux [2]

Also check out all the Wanless links below

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. These links are generally UK based.

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • One in Four [C]
  • Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness[G]  and

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