Independent Police Complaints Commission largely drops investigation into Met Police handling of Operation Midland

In a preliminary murder investigation a man was detained in his home with a police presence, with a police car parked outside his home. He was after 2 hour bundled into a police car and taking to the police station. He was registered and placed into a police cell, although the police had insisted he had come voluntary to assist enquires. H asked if he could leave , but was told if he left the police may request a warrant for his arrest. The police required his clothes and said they would go to his house and pick up some clothes and any mobiles, laptops etc.
After another hour waiting to be seen, nearly 3 hours in all he was finally interviewed twice by CID officers, and this was a grilling and very frightening for the person as he never had no contact with the police.
He was finally allowed to go home, and two days later he received a phone call that he could pick up his laptop etc. within ten days.
Now, my point is at no time did he ever receive an apology from the police and neither did he expect one. So, why do politicians or their friends or famlies expect an apology from the police or demand investigations which may deter the police in the future from pursing cases against a politically corrupt elite. Parliamentarians make the law but they are not above it. Alas, they seem to think they above the law and once that happens, the legislators will themselves discredit the Laws the very laws they pass.

David Hencke

New_Scotland_Yard IPCC largely clears Met Police of disciplinary charges in their handling of Operation Midland Pic Credit: Wikipedia


The IPCC has announced on Budget Day  that it is dropping disciplinary proceedings against most of the police officers who carried out the £3m investigation into  allegations of a historic Westminster paedophile involving prominent figures, Mps and former government ministers.

In particular they have cleared all the officers facing possible disciplinary charges who investigated complaints by ” Nick ” who has been accused in a separate  independent report of possibly perverting the course of justice by raising the allegations. This is subject to a separate investigation by Northumbria Police.

The IPCC says: “The IPCC has also discontinued its investigation into allegations the DAC, DSupt and DCI failed to properly investigate allegations made by a complainant ‘Nick’ which lead to an extended investigation causing prolonged and undue stress to those…

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