Fenwick, Chamberlain, O’Hanlon, Jones and Fisher 8 Mar 1978 Court of Appeal (Police)

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The Kelland Inquiry was the third Inquiry by Police into police corruption in the seventies, see Cathy Fox Blog The Fall of Scotland Yard [4] and Spectator Police and the pornographers [3]

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Gilbert Kelland’s Inquiry into corruption of over a dozen Soho and Mayfair detectives led to three trials, and the dismissal of Commander Wallace Virgo, sidekick Moody and ex Commander Kenneth Drury the most senior Scotland Yard men then brought before the courts as well as several others and the discreet dismissal of 20 other detectives.

This is an appeal by George Edward Fenwick, Michael Leonard Chamberlain, Charles Edward O’Hanlon, David Cyril Jones and Peter John Fisher who were tried in Nov and Dec 1976.

Fenwick, Chamberlain and O’Hanlon sought leave to appeal against both conviction and sentence. Jones and Fisher applied for leave to appeal against sentence.

Porn sellers were concerned were Bernie Silver, James…

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