Richard Hook v The Clerk of Lancashire Police Committee 19 Mar 1980 Supreme Court (Police)

Cyril Smith cover up went up to the top? Of course it did, and a lot of people knew about it. The Young Liberals tried to stop Smith becoming a MP. There was even a report in a paper many years ago on how Smith dealt with delinquent boys , although no trace of it now. Question is of course was itthe police closing it down or M15 orpure political pressure.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

1976 Chief Constable of Lancashire “goings on”. It is not clear what these were.

A sergeant reported them to HMIC who asked the Police Authority to carry out an investigation, whose report was the Osmond Report.

The report disclosed a disgraceful set of affairs not only with the Chief Constable but also others. The Chief Constable was dismissed but the report was kept secret.

parr-lancashire                                                            Disgraced Stanley Parr

A new person on the Police Authority felt he had the need to see it to do his job and he was refused so this court case started. He was refused by this as well.

I publish this, as it is good to shine light on corruption in public officials, but also because Cyril Smith was MP at this time in Rochdale, Lancashire and abusing children and was not investigated properly.

Detective Sergeant Harry  Roby was the hero  who reported the “goings…

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