Why does this man keep secret the pay and perks for people running David Cameron’s taxpayer funded National Citizen Service scheme?

I spent three years of my life at a leading university and the main insight it give me was the UK was a pseudo democracy run not by Plato’s Guardian;s but a public school elite who looked down on the rest of us including the Middle Classes. According to them the only form of good government was that of Elites (public school) and not just that they should run the country, but also be well paid for doing so. The interconnections made the Mafia look amateurish. The well heeled and well connected run this country and believe the public purse is theirs by right to spend and if enriching their friends along the way, so be it.

Westminster Confidential

micheal lynas Michael Lynas Chief Executive of the National Citizen’s Trust. Pic credit: Twitter


This is Michael Lynas. So far he has spent £475m of taxpayer’s money as chief executive of the National Citizens Trust – a legacy project of David Cameron’s government aimed at providing community projects to aid character building  for 15 to 17 year olds across the nation.

His Linked In profile reveals that his sole qualifications  to do the job are a four year spell as a consultant for Bain and Company and just under three years in Downing Street as a policy adviser to David Cameron and Nick Clegg. He is obviously conventionally bright having studied at  Harvard and Cambridge.

Recently he appeared before MPs on the Commons Public Accounts Committee following a highly critical reportfrom the National Audit Office questioning whether  National Citizen Service was value for money. The NAO pointed…

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