Journalists v Journalists: Daily Mail suing Byline

If you can remember the Daily Mail, known in some circles as the Daily Hate campaigned for Press Freedom. So oddly they are bringing the force of Law against a Newspaper most people have never heard off, I suspect they will do shortly!

David Hencke

daily-mail-enemies-of-the-people Is the Daily Mail the enemy of  new kids on the block?


Imagine a world where every week different newspapers – who disliked each other – decided to sue  every time they felt they had been wronged.

Given the nature of the defamation laws, the law courts would be stuffed with cases and the legal profession would make a mint.

That’s why it is extremely rare – if not unprecedented – to see a ” dog eat dog ” mentality among different sections of the media. And that is why I am extremely puzzled that Paul Dacre has decided to use his mighty power and resources to try and crush a new kid on the block, Byline. com.

I have not examined in any detail the issues between them so I am not going to comment on the merits of the respective cases in advance of…

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