Pine End School, Reigate

Lambeth and Child Abuse seem to be words that link together like Spring and Summer. The one question that needs answering is What do Lambeth Councillors and the police know about this. Or did as I suspect the three wise monkey’s run the council,.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I have received information that there was sexual abuse at Pine End School, Colley Lane, Reigate, a special school for ‘maladjusted’ children in care run by the old “Inner London Education Authority” ( ILEA). Lambeth Social Services sent people there.

One head teacher was Mr Gwillam Slimm, who was investigated for sexual misconduct, sometime in the 1980s I think. He was suspended for 2 years while there was an investigation but was later reinstated.

Mr Slimm came to the school with his wife Julie who had actually been a pupil of his at a former school.  He also brought a male member of staff with him from his previous school.  It is believed that there is a  teacher with the same name in at least two other special schools in the north of England where he has been the head teacher.

There seems no information regarding the investigation into Gwillam…

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