How a Roman Catholic paedophile priest who mixed with celebs nearly escaped justice

Having researched abuse cases, I have always wondered about the number of deaths either before and after the trial. Brings to mind the saying “Dead Men Tell No Lies”
What mystifies me is the British approach to money and child protection. In the former, if you worked in a Bank and stole money you will be unlikely to find another job in banking. But, if you work in child care and sexually abuse the children under your care, your Boss will cover it up and send you elsewhere. SO HERE WE HAVE BRITISH VALUES, MONEY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN CHILDREN.

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One of the successes of the Met Police investigation into the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes was the arrest and conviction of a Roman Catholic priest Anthony McSweeney who was jailed for three years  in 2015 for sexually abusing a teenager and making indecent images of children.

The inquiry into Elm Guest House led the police to focus on a Richmond  Council children’s home – long since closed – called Grafton Close which at the time was run by a friend of the priest, John Stingemore, who would have been tried alongside him at Southwark Crown Court if he had not died just before the trial.

The allegation that boys were taken by Stingemore to Elm Guest House were never tested in court – though the CPS agreed a charge should be made – because of Stingemore’s death.

But the court heard that McSweeney and…

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Independent Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry WILL investigate the late Greville Janner and whether there was a cover up

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lord janner Lord Janner Image courtesy BBC

The independent inquiry into child sexual abuse has decided to go ahead with a wide ranging inquiry into allegations that the late Greville Janner was involved in child sexual abuse and whether the Labour Party, the intelligence services, Parliament and government departments could have been involved in a cover up.

The decision, announced on the inquiry’s website, comes despite strong objections from Lord Janner’s family and a plea from retired  Assistant Chief Constable Tony Butler, from Leicestershire Police  to halt investigations immediately.

The terms of the inquiry are set out in a full statement  from Alexis Jay, chair of the inquiry here but the full terms are worth repeating in full.

” 1. The Inquiry will investigate institutional responses to allegations of child sexual abuse involving the late Lord Janner of Braunstone QC (“Lord Janner”).
2. In particular, the Inquiry will consider
2.1. the adequacy…

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Human Hunting of Becki Percy

If this is true its very disturbing. I remember many years ago I was talking to a student who had just visited Russia and he told me the people he was visiting had told him they had lost a young teenage son. Giving the usual condolences they startled him when they told him he had disappeared and was probably in the hands of slave traffickers. Slavery exists today and as long as people think its in the history books, people will have no idea of the scale of it.

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I have already posted three stories of human hunting

  • A Most Dangerous Game – Human Hunting [6] 
  • Hunting Children in Kent [7] 
  • Brice Taylor was Hunted by George Bush Senior [8]

This is another story of human hunting from Becki Price.

I have only recently seen a few of Becki’s videos and so I am not too familiar with her story.

She was abused by her natural parents Ann and Lee and trafficked to be abused by others from the age of 9.

She went to America in 2015 and claimed asylum, and so she was locked up. She is now released but has to wear a tag, whilst her claim is being processed through the courts.

The first video starts as Becki talks about the hunting of her.

[1] 2016 Dec 24 Becki Percy Testimony (Part 1)

All of Becki Percy’s videos are on her You Tube channel [4] Following…

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FEBRUARY 2017 was a bad month for one of the prime suspects in the unsolved murder of private eye Daniel Morgan.

Jonathan Rees — boss of the No 1 Corrupt Detective Agency — lost his High Court action against the Metropolitan Police for malicious prosecution and misfeasance in public office.

He brought the action after his criminal trial for the murder collapsed in 2011 — and after he’d spent 22 months in prison.

He’d been hoping to make a substantial killing in compensation.

Private Eye, which puts the total cost of the case at more than £1.5 million, says Rees will appeal.

If he fails, he faces a huge legal bill — on top of other mounting debts.

He may have to sell his £1 million house in Surrey …

PRESS GANG LOGOTHIS 5,000 word article is the fifth instalment of an investigation into Southern Investigations that started more than a decade ago.

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Kenneth Kevin O’Dowd and the Ted Heath Photos

I have doubts on Heath being a paedophile, but at the same there is growing evidence that he was not asexual,.

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The “Heath Pictures Case” was one in which a person who was accused of rape, Kevin O’Dowd produced a photocopy of a photograph of Sir Edward Heath.

I have published 5 appeals involving Kevin Vizzard aka Kenneth William O’Dowd aka Kevin Kenneth O’Dowd as below, so as much as the information is public as possible. Also included are 3 newspaper articles – two from Australia, one from Glasgow [HT @thewakeupcall09] . It is not clear whether there were reporting restrictions about Heath and if that was dictated by the Court or elsewhere.

You might think that court transcripts should routinely be made public free, and past transcripts should be digitised and made available, but we do not live in a world of justness and transparency, we live in the country of the Crown Justice System, which naturally serves the Crown not the public.


1975 Jul 25  [O’Dowd1] Kenneth Vizzard…

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