Human Hunting of Becki Percy

If this is true its very disturbing. I remember many years ago I was talking to a student who had just visited Russia and he told me the people he was visiting had told him they had lost a young teenage son. Giving the usual condolences they startled him when they told him he had disappeared and was probably in the hands of slave traffickers. Slavery exists today and as long as people think its in the history books, people will have no idea of the scale of it.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I have already posted three stories of human hunting

  • A Most Dangerous Game – Human Hunting [6] 
  • Hunting Children in Kent [7] 
  • Brice Taylor was Hunted by George Bush Senior [8]

This is another story of human hunting from Becki Price.

I have only recently seen a few of Becki’s videos and so I am not too familiar with her story.

She was abused by her natural parents Ann and Lee and trafficked to be abused by others from the age of 9.

She went to America in 2015 and claimed asylum, and so she was locked up. She is now released but has to wear a tag, whilst her claim is being processed through the courts.

The first video starts as Becki talks about the hunting of her.

[1] 2016 Dec 24 Becki Percy Testimony (Part 1)

All of Becki Percy’s videos are on her You Tube channel [4] Following…

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