How a Roman Catholic paedophile priest who mixed with celebs nearly escaped justice

Having researched abuse cases, I have always wondered about the number of deaths either before and after the trial. Brings to mind the saying “Dead Men Tell No Lies”
What mystifies me is the British approach to money and child protection. In the former, if you worked in a Bank and stole money you will be unlikely to find another job in banking. But, if you work in child care and sexually abuse the children under your care, your Boss will cover it up and send you elsewhere. SO HERE WE HAVE BRITISH VALUES, MONEY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN CHILDREN.

David Hencke


One of the successes of the Met Police investigation into the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes was the arrest and conviction of a Roman Catholic priest Anthony McSweeney who was jailed for three years  in 2015 for sexually abusing a teenager and making indecent images of children.

The inquiry into Elm Guest House led the police to focus on a Richmond  Council children’s home – long since closed – called Grafton Close which at the time was run by a friend of the priest, John Stingemore, who would have been tried alongside him at Southwark Crown Court if he had not died just before the trial.

The allegation that boys were taken by Stingemore to Elm Guest House were never tested in court – though the CPS agreed a charge should be made – because of Stingemore’s death.

But the court heard that McSweeney and…

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