Revealed: Faked bills and dodgy deals How Assetco conned auditors and ripped off London and Lincoln’s firefighters

Why do people still believe that selling or leasing of government assets leads to lower costs and greater efficiency. There is historical parallels , the King giving land to his friends and the Church. The result was such action led to the enrichment of the Nobles and the Church and the weakening of the Crown. As for the Peasants, screwed by Crown & Nobles.

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london fire engine A London fire engine then owned by Assetco


The scandal that led to the huge £3.7m  fine ( reduced to £2.4m after co-operation) against  accountants Grant Thornton and ex  partner Robert Napper is revealed in a dry 56 page report by the Financial Reporting Council.

The biggest con by the privatised company  Assetco responsible for  owning and maintaining the capital and Lincolnshire’s fire engines was in faking additional cash payments from London’s fire brigade when it was asked to do  more work.

Directors of the company took advantage of three extra requests that were approved by London fire brigade – involving new equipment for fire engines and emergency training for 700 of the capital’s firefighters.

In all three cases they fiddled the books to boost the value of the company to shareholders and lied about the cost of the contracts to  gullible auditor Robert Napper and…

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A damning indictment on the dangerous failure of privatisation in the criminal justice system by a former Tory MP

It seems that privatisation is unlike the entrepreneur who builds up a business on quality and service and competes in a open market. Privatisation on the other hand, is the purchase of state assets to make a a quick killing and these firms usually do not act in the open market, and in many cases rely upon public subsidies to boost their profits.

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Jerry-Hayes Jerry Hayes, practising criminal barrister and former Tory MP for Harlow Pic Credit:Goldsmith Chambers


I am reblogging this from the site of Jerry Hayes, a former Tory MP and practising criminal barrister. He is highlighting the dangers of miscarriages of justice since the Forensic Science Service was privatised by David Cameron because private companies are cutting corners and not doing a proper job. The person here could have been imprisoned for seven years as a result of their negligence.


10 May 2017 at 07:09

I never blog on cases, but today I must break my rule. Yesterday I discovered a scandalous state of affairs which could have led to an innocent man going to jail for a substantial period of time. I will not name the defendant nor the court for obvious reasons. In forty years…

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The arrogance of Daniel Janner over the future of the Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry

It is also extremely arrogant to say that only lawyers have the intelligence to chair inquiries. On that basis the Hillsborough inquiry would never have happened – and no one denies that has been a success. Maybe that was why it was a success not having a Judge in the chair.
Why people look up to Judges is beyond me. I give an example below:
A company director of a small flat maintenance company defrauded the company of over £30,000, of which £16,00 he admitted he had taking for personal use. Considering that the flats owners where mainly pensioners and disabled people one would expect a sentence to fit the crime. The sentencing was two years probation and a repayment of £1 as he claimed he did not have any asserts. The Judge at the ending of the sentencing made a almost flippant remark. He told the guilty man that if he won the lottery he would have to pay it back. So the victims of this crime received a £1 while the fraudster walked away with thousands. Then add the cost of police time and court costs this judgement was almost bizarre. Maybe £16,00 is nothing to the Judge considering his salary, but to a group of pensioners and disabled people it was their funds to maintain their building. JUDGES , sadly out of touch with the real world.

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daniel-janner-qc Daniel Janner QC Pic credit:


On May 3 a final decision was made by Alexis Jay, the chair of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse not to hold a preliminary hearing into whether there should be inquiry into Lord Janner and Leicestershire institutions of allegations of child sexual abuse.

His son and his two sisters who had already had a meeting to press the case for such a preliminary hearing were understandably unhappy. They believe their father is innocent and just the subject of an historic witch hunt and no one needs to look into it.

And it is now clear that at some suitable date there will such an inquiry so long as it does not prejudice any other investigations still under way..

Daniel Janner decided to write an article for The Times denouncing the decision and protesting again that his father was…

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Barrie Trower interviewed young offenders in 70’s abused by VIP’s

Another insight into how paedophilia was used to control and corrupt the body politic

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I rarely get the chance to listen to radio shows or watch videos, however this is one I have listened to and recommend it to others.

Barrie Trower interviewed young offenders in 1967-78 abused by VIP’s as part of his job to identify powerful people who may be subject to blackmail by the KGB. There were about 20 people who did what he did.

Barrie says that the vast majority of high level paedophiles were from Eton, Harrow, Oxford, Cambridge and Freemasons

Richie Allen with Barrie Trower “I Interviewed Young Offenders In The 60’s/70’s Who Were Abused By VIP Politicians.” [1] 

He does say that paedophiles always stayed in power see c.22 mins

He thought of 3 scenarios why this should be so, which appeared to be

1. They were kept in place to identify any KGB spies trying to blackmail them

2. Blackmailed by MI5 for more…

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Tony Blair’s top donor goes Bercow

Just about sums up British politics.

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lord levy Lord Levy


On the very, very last day of Parliament  John Bercow, the Speaker, who faces the prospect of a contested General Election ( breaking normal precedent) announced some £20,000 in donations from some very surprising and controversial sources.

Released  the day Parliament was dissolved  it was revealed the music impresario Lord Levy – who infamously  and in his view unjustly got involved in the ” Cash for Honours” scandal has given a £5000 donation to John Bercow which presumably will go towards his election campaign.

Lord Levy, well known as Tony Blair’s tennis partner and  New Labour’s chief fund raiser  and at one stage close confidant of the former Labour PM, was arrested but never charged over the scandal which suggested that the party was soliciting donations with the hint of possible peerages for the party backers. The furore that followed led to a breach…

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Theresa May ‘under investigation re Brexit profits’

I hope this is not another story that after the election has no substance.


Theresa May’s woeful start to her General Election campaign – which has seen Labour gainthirteen percentage points in voting intention polls – looks set to become a full-blown disaster.

may oh sh1t.png

Reports are beginning to emerge from multiple sources suggesting that Mrs May is under investigation by the Property and Ethics group of the Cabinet Office in connection with an alleged failure to declare an enormous conflict of interest on Brexit related to profits of billions of pounds said to have been made by her husband’s investment-banking company in Brexit-related activities, as these tweets by political commentators suggest:

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