The arrogance of Daniel Janner over the future of the Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry

It is also extremely arrogant to say that only lawyers have the intelligence to chair inquiries. On that basis the Hillsborough inquiry would never have happened – and no one denies that has been a success. Maybe that was why it was a success not having a Judge in the chair.
Why people look up to Judges is beyond me. I give an example below:
A company director of a small flat maintenance company defrauded the company of over £30,000, of which £16,00 he admitted he had taking for personal use. Considering that the flats owners where mainly pensioners and disabled people one would expect a sentence to fit the crime. The sentencing was two years probation and a repayment of £1 as he claimed he did not have any asserts. The Judge at the ending of the sentencing made a almost flippant remark. He told the guilty man that if he won the lottery he would have to pay it back. So the victims of this crime received a £1 while the fraudster walked away with thousands. Then add the cost of police time and court costs this judgement was almost bizarre. Maybe £16,00 is nothing to the Judge considering his salary, but to a group of pensioners and disabled people it was their funds to maintain their building. JUDGES , sadly out of touch with the real world.

David Hencke

daniel-janner-qc Daniel Janner QC Pic credit:


On May 3 a final decision was made by Alexis Jay, the chair of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse not to hold a preliminary hearing into whether there should be inquiry into Lord Janner and Leicestershire institutions of allegations of child sexual abuse.

His son and his two sisters who had already had a meeting to press the case for such a preliminary hearing were understandably unhappy. They believe their father is innocent and just the subject of an historic witch hunt and no one needs to look into it.

And it is now clear that at some suitable date there will such an inquiry so long as it does not prejudice any other investigations still under way..

Daniel Janner decided to write an article for The Times denouncing the decision and protesting again that his father was…

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