Medomsley – Police Incompetence or Corruption?

A considerable number of abuses cases have had more publicity, but if you want to understand sexual abuse on a industrial scale this case is worth studying.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I requested an internal review by Durham Police over their refusal to release very basic information in a freedom of information request, about what is going on about prosecutions for Medomsley. I said that their refusal to publish would fuel fears that they were covering up child sexual abuse again. They said I was being “accusatory”.

Lets examine that police record to see what the facts are.

Neville Husband, one of the most brutal and prolific abusers at Medomsley was investigated by Police as far back as 1967 for a possible offence under the Obscene Publications Act 1959 and Post Office Act 1953.

The Director of Public Prosecutions instructed the Police in 1967 to investigate Husband,  for importing obscene and lewd photographs from Sweden, as is shown by this memo from the Governor of a Borstal at Portland, Dorset.

The Governor was HH Harrison. According to the Times 1 Feb…

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