[L1] News Articles on Leeways Childrens Home

Another council trying to hide the truth? One thing is for sure, we will never find out the real truth.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This will be the first of several posts on Leeways and Lewisham Council.

Lewisham Council and one person in particular on that Council are not answering as required to do so by the FOI Acts. They are being deliberately obstructive.

I believe one of  Councils intentions is to deliberately delay. They may even be using the time to lose or shred documents, so I do not intend to delay my posts any longer.

I have reason to believe that widespread child sexual abuse happened in Lewisham and that the Council did cover up and is still attempting to minimise and cover up.

These news clippings are included in this post I believe have not been widely digitally available before. [HT @craftymuvva for all her hard work]

  • 1985 Jun 4 Guardian page 6 Child Care Officer Gaoled for Indecency [2]
  • 1985 Jul 26 Guardian p27 Leeways Childrens Home Independent Inquiry [6]

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