An Establishment cover up: The sordid and sad saga of sex abuser Bishop Peter Ball

Many years ago I met Peter Ball and although the congregation was impressed with him, I was perturbed that such a man had ever being accepted as a Priest, a view shared by one or two of the more earthly congregation. His saintly air, supposed naivety of the world was an act that even Ronnie Barker would be unable to match.
In other words Ball was nothing short of being a religious conman. His connections with like minded clergy should have rung alarm bells, and
The Community of the Glorious Ascension further give the impression of him being a Holy Man. All a front which give him access to the Establishment at the highest levels.
In the early 1980’s a clergyman informed a small group of congregation that the Church was riddled with paedophiles and it was been covered up at the highest levels. I was told about this and my immediate thought turned to Peter Ball. The man at the meeting who was the informant thought it was unbelievable, but I decided to keep an open mind.
So if the Church claimed that they did not know, how could a casual churchgoer at the time, be told a story that breaks over 40 years later.

I think the Church broke a commandment THOU SHALL NOT LIE.
Remember this fine Christian lady’s comment
Baroness Butler-Sloss told a victim of alleged abuse that she did not want to include the claims because “the press would love a bishop”.
Another one who should read the scriptures Exodus 20:16 although we should make another to be more specific THOU SHALT NOT COVER UP THE EVIL DEEDS OF OTHERS.

David Hencke

bishop peter ball Bishop Peter Ball at his trial . Pic Credit: BBC


The Church of England has finally fully acknowledged the impact of the predatory sexual abuse committed by one of its most charismatic former bishops Peter Ball.

A forensic report by Dame Moira Gibb into both his activities and the cover up by the church  of his behaviour which reached the then Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, (now Lord Carey) to protect the Church’s reputation.

It is a grim story only coming light after the former Bishop of Gloucester was successfully prosecuted and jailed in 2015 after  a career  of physically and sexually abusing and exploiting  boys and young men, including some who were particularly vulnerable.

The report says : “He had used his position within the Church to identify those whom he then abused. and admitted two offences of indecent assault and a further offence of misconduct…

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