Democracy Not Hypocrisy: DUP Nepotism Gone Mad

And now the UK government are being blackmailed by them.



Since the DUP’s conversion to political transvestisms they have been dogged with an increasing number of scandals. The higher echelons are rumoured to be riddled by sexual scandal – both heterosexual and homosexual.  Talk of blackmail and resignations due to ill health are the order of the day.  Marriage breakups and homes placed on the market seem to put flesh on the bones.  Then, there are the financial dealings that would make an episode of the Sopranos appear tame.  Perception is everything in the political game.  The public might not be aware of some of the wild parties that would make the debauchery of the Hellfire Club look tame, but they smell the stench profiteering and self-interest.  Like the fall of 90s conservatism, the DUP public persona of cronyism and sleaze will bring it a swift and defining collapse. The cry from the public is Democracy Not Hypocrisy, but like…

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